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Solmonte Hospitality provides expertise in managing your specific meeting needs.

As competition grows globally and health and safety issues continue, more than ever, management needs to dedicate their staff to the core competencies of the organization.

Outsourcing non-critical services is a key step in maximizing resources. Solmonte Hospitality provides expertise in managing your meeting needs.

With over 40 years experience in the industry, we focus on the specific goals and objectives of each program to produce a smooth and cohesive experience within your budget.

Our commitment to you is to find the best property with the most value with an organized and thoughtful planning process for your program.

Helping you choose the perfect venue.

Choosing the right venue for your next meeting is critical to the success of the event. However, the process can be tedious and time consuming. Rather than be bothered by a barrage of unwanted sales correspondence from properties that don’t fit your needs or put on a property list for future soliciting, you will enjoy one point of contact. Solmonte Hospitality creates a request for proposal outlining your specific program needs. Your organization will receive an efficient spreadsheet analysis stating room rates, taxes, food & beverage minimums and/or meeting room rentals plus those “hidden” charges such as resort fees, parking, porterage or housekeeping fees not always disclosed up front.

After reviewing the property summary, collateral from your top choices will be sent in one consolidated packet for your easy reference. We offer site selection based strong relationships with most major brands plus an expertise of unique independent hotels and resorts not commonly well known. We do not promote a portfolio of preferred properties who pay us retainers, rather our recommendations are unbiased and based specifically on your program needs.

Cutting through the red tape.

Contract Negotiation

Solmonte Hospitality facilitates your selection and contract process to ensure the price points and contract terms are in your organization’s best interest. Contracts are written by hotels for hotels. At Solmonte Hospitality our goal is to simply confusing verbiage and limit liability to protect you and your organization against unreasonable terms.

Contract negotiation can be as simple as procuring complimentary upgrades and amenities for your VIPs to more confusing issues such as attrition, cancellation, non-compete and indemnification clauses.   Regardless, we are here to assist in the process so that you can be assured of the best overall value for your program and guaranteed a contract with terms and conditions you and your organization are comfortable committing too.

Giving You Exactly What You Want

Any successful meeting or event starts with the goals and objectives of the stakeholders. The planning process begins with short and long term objective helps direct the process. Strategic meeting management (SMM) focuses on strong logistics, operational cost management, mitigating risks, solid analytics and delivery of a well-executed program.

Keeping Attendees Engaged

Attendees must be engaged. Solmonte Hospitality prides itself on creating more than a meeting or event, we create an experience.  We connect people.  Whether it is embracing the culture of the destination, the art of gastronomy, gaining and retaining new ideas and information, purposeful networking - encounters and relationships are at the core of meetings. The customization and attention to detail is the secret to creating a memorable program.


Once the goals and objectives are set, scope and budgets established, the logistics begin. Program management starts with a reverse timeline working backwards from event date to today. We identify key target dates related to each component of the project. From theme/marketing to registration, room layout, food & beverage, entertainment, transportation, and production scheduling to risk management. You choose from our range of services whether it is one aspect to entire project management depending on your needs. 

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